Henna Tattoo
All the Fun of a Tattoo Without the Commitment! Pamper your guests with the art of Mehndi for any event, wedding, birthday, corpoarate, bridal showers, bachelorette, arabian or bollywood themes. Henna tattoos are temporary and painless. Our paste is all natural containing only the powder of crushed henna leaves, eucalyptus oil to turn it to a paste, and lemon juice for scent. NO CHEMICALS ARE ADDED. Hire a henna artist! Fun with a bellydance class

Glitter Tattoo
Airbrush Tattoo Artists will rock your party or event with hundreds of cool full color airbrush tattoo designs to choose from. DG Airbrush Tattoo Artists are courteous, friendly, and professional. Using only skin safe hypo allergenic ingredients. We NEVER make use of unsafe products associated with skin toxicity. DG airbrush tattoos can last for days and are water proof or can be easily removed with baby oil.